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Our Technology
Colchón Doss

This mattress will revolutionize the idea that your bed should sink.

  • TWIN
  • FULL
  • KING

It is a mattress with pure ROYAL support: Sleep Support System. Inside it has a large spring count, created from an alloy of carbon and steel, with different handling than other springs. Its great stability decreases the transmission of movement in couples and distributes the weight to avoid sinking in certain areas.


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What comfort systems does MEDICOIL include?

  • Royal spring with stabilizers.

  • Ultra-fresh hypoallergenic.

  • Backsense lumbar support.

  • ASome models may have memory foam or memory gel.

  • Charcoal benefits: sanitizes, deodorizes by capturing organic particles from the environment, thus eliminating negative energy from the body.

  • Heat dissipating copper foam.

  • Royal Plus core, for extra support and stability.

  • XSL: Extra lumbar support.

  • Protected by Black Diamond.

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