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We have 4 lines of mattresses, each with a different approach to your rest: if your goal is to improve your rest while sleeping with someone, our recommendation would be a DOSS, which has two different support systems (core), it will meet the diverse needs of you and your partner. Our FIRMEHR line focuses on high performance, it is recommended for big bodies or those that need more stability. In a MEDICOIL, you will find more springs and superior balance than in the conventional bonnel. Finally, the THERALUXE line, with a zoned spring system and its Foam Encased and Coil Encased structure, offers incomparable comfort.

In case your mattress is two-sided, it is recommended that it is turned every 3 months; if it is one-sided, rotate it 180º in the same time frame.

Your Sleep&Roll mattress needs about 24 hours to fully recover its shape; it’s important not to cut its process since during the last 3 hours the mattress will use all its technology and innovation.

We recommend you go through our THERATEST, where you will realize that not only is your complexion important to find your ideal mattress.


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