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We take a break from Mexico to revolutionize it like nobody else, in the last 10 years.

We want to help you find the power that comforts you, so you can live your day to the fullest.

We know that there is an ideal one for each person, find yours:

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Since 1957, Therapedic has been committed to improving the rest of all Mexicans. We began our journey more than 70 years ago, taking our rest proposal from door to door when our business was taking its first steps.

Over time, we have evolved and adapted to meet growing demand. We optimize our processes and improve the quality of our products. Since then, ensuring a good rest has become our daily mission. We listen to the needs of our clients and create personalized rest options to adapt to each lifestyle.

Today at Therapedic, we fully understand the impact that poor rest can have on people's lives. We face the challenge of changing the sleep culture in Mexico. Our search focuses on a new power: the power of comfort. We are determined to give back the relevance that sleep deserves in everyone's life. At Therapedic, we don't just sell mattresses, we offer a sleep experience that will transform the way you live and appreciate the revitalizing power of sleep. Welcome to the power of comfort with Therapedic!

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