How long since you last slept well?

We believe that there is a perfect mattress for each person, find yours:


Where to buy?

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Our Technology

Bye, bye intermediaries!

We want to give you the guarantee that each one of our products, will satisfy your rest needs, besides that it potentiates your beauty dreams, will set your mind, will activate your creativity, will postpone your immune system and will make your muscles look better and better… (Well, only if you are an athlete, we don’t do miracles either).

To achieve this, we said goodbye to suppliers and middlemen and put our hands to work to ensure you a product with ga-ran-ti-za-da quality, because by creating the majority of our raw materials and fully controlling our production, we can assure you that it has the seal of an incredible product.

The best part?

We are 100% Mexican, our |people, from our plant in Guadalajara, Jalisco, make possible the production of the best mattresses in Mexico, promoting sleep throughout the country

What do we achieve with this?

  • Verify and guarantee in detail each product that leaves our warehouse.
  • Control the type of comfort. Whether soft, medium or firm.
  • Innovate and experiment with new technologies that will result in unique materials.
  • Create product lines each with unique characteristics.

Sustainable vanguard

And guess what? The best part of having full control of production is that we can recycle several of our materials, such as surplus foam, plastic and wood that we reuse ourselves to create new eco-friendly products.

That’s right, in addition to being super technological, we are eco-friendly.

How’s your eye?

Get to know our production areas

Chemicals | Metallurgy | Cutting | Assembly | Padding


Have you seen how to make the plan for your sandwiches? Making our foam is pretty similar. We combine different chemical ingredients in a reactor, kind of like a bread mold, “bake” it at a certain temperature and bam! The foam starts to grow and solidify, ready to move on to the cutting area.


If the foams are the bread, the springs would be the ham and cheese of this delicious comfort sandwich.

They are the filling that holds and makes you feel that slight bouncing sensation when you do the cuchi-cuchi and what do you think? We’re up for the job


In julienne, slices or squares? At this stage, materials such as foam and fabrics are cut according to the type of mattress; they can be thin pieces for single mattresses or very wide for king size mattresses.


Here we assemble all the ingredients of the comfort sandwich, from the foam already cut, the springs, the fabric that will cover it and we shape the mattress, ready to go to the last stage.


This sandwich is almost ready, easy, isn’t it?

Now all that’s left is to seal, make and embroider the base with all the layers of foam. Here is where we finish embellishing the mattress, adding details such as logos, capitonnées, folds, etc.

and that's it, enjoy!