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Our Technology
Colchón Doss

Our off-road mattress, with the support for high handling.

  • TWIN
  • FULL
  • KING

A mattress made of 100% encapsulated foam cores with a higher density frame that prevents the feeling of “falling” since our foam layers will receive softly, also reducing the bounce and hardness, and increasing the feeling of having secure support.


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What comfort systems does FIRMEHR include?

  • Memory gel

  • Memory foam

  • Super HR foam

  • Graphite alloy

  • High density bonded core

  • Ultra-Fresh hypoallergenic fibers

  • Nano pocket

  • Backsense Durapad lumbar support

  • Firm Comfort

  • XD35 Foam: High density foam

  • Backsense mobile lumbar support

  • Charcoal benefits: sanitizes, deodorizes by capturing organic particles from the environment, thus eliminating negative energy from the body.

  • Foam: foam encased

  • XSL: Extra lumbar support

Colchón Doss Colchón Doss Colchón Doss Colchón Doss Colchón Doss Colchón Doss